Floatation Therapy

Sensory Deprivation Tank Houston

Floatation Therapy is a relaxation experience. It is a simple yet effective way to relax, rejuvenate, and heal the body. We fill each pod with 240 gallons of filtered water and dissolve 1000 lbs of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt. This 14 inch deep solution is kept at 94.2 degrees fahrenheit.

Floatation Therapy puts you in an environment where the perceptual senses are deprived of stimuli. I-sopod float tanks are designed to eliminate light and sound while at a comfortable temperature for an extended period of time in the hopes of achieving no sensory stimulation. The purpose of this is to promote a deep meditative state and to mentally recalibrate.

Clean Private Floatation Sessions
  • Enjoy your private room with shower, towels, and float pod to create the perfect relaxing environment.
  • Typically a session lasts for about an hour or less. The water is filtered after every session.​
  • Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes early to your float session. Your session will start and end in the prearranged time slot.
Benefits of Floatation
  • Relaxation & stress relief are among the most prominent benefits.
  • Floating is a meditative exercise known to increase creativity and imagination.
  • Lowers blood pressure and slows down the heart rate while releasing endorphins.
  • The Epsom salt in the water helps exfoliate the skin and remove toxins in the epidermis.
  • Floating can improve sleep patterns.
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$ 45 - 40 Min.
$ 60 - 60 Min.
$ 100 - 2 Pack (60 Min.)
$ 180 - 4 Pack (60 Min.)

$ 89 - Cryo Full Body/Float (60 Min.)
$ 59 - Cryo Full Body/IR Sauna
$ 64 - Cryo Full Body/Cryo Facial

Team/Group Packages
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